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Calibration fluid

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The calibration liquid serves for any calibration of the refractometer. The liquid shows a water content of 20.9% in honey at 22°C.

Calibration fluid for honey refractometer

Calibration liquid is used for possible calibration refractometer. The calibration liquid shows a 20.9% water content of the solution at 22°C. So if you want to calibrate a refractometer, calibrate it in a room temperature 22°C. Place a drop of calibration liquid on the refractometer glass, refractometer should show a water content of 20.9%, if it doesn't, turn the balancer gently screw so that the measured value corresponds to 20.9% water. Content 5ml. Refractometers from our offer are already calibrated, so calibration is not required perform.


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Calibration fluidCalibration fluid
4,04 €

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