About Us

JaHan s.r.o. has become a leader in beekeeping equipment in the Czech Republic in a few years. From the original intent of a small workshop that sold beehives and essential equipment, but thanks to your positive feedback, it has become the fastest growing company in the production and sales of beekeeping equipment and products. From the original sales set-up of almost "from the yard" it became a full-time activity. Setting-up a professional business and opening a first shop was just a matter of time. Now we have two shops in Rovensko pod Troskami and also in Prague. We also have two large shipping warehouses. We ship our products wholesale to more than 50 Czech shops, 30 Slovak shops and more than 50 shops across the European Union and beyond.

Our beekeeping store on Prague 1
Our beekeeping store on Prague 2
Our beekeeping store on Prague 3
Our beekeeping store on Prague 4
Our beekeeping store on Prague 5

You, our friends - beekeepers, have the opportunity to buy quality goods at a reasonable price regardless of whether you’re a hobby beekeeper or a professional. We are primarily responsible for providing 100% service and services which should be a matter of course, but many traders forget about these important matter and only take care of their profits. We want a beekeeper to be sure of the goods purchased from ourselves or our partners, so they know that they can come back, replace and complain at any time. In order to be able to call at any time and ask the qualified personnel on how to use the product properly.

Our beekeeping store Rovensko 1
Our beekeeping store Rovensko 2
Our beekeeping store Rovensko 3
Our beekeeping store Rovensko 4
Our beekeeping store Rovensko 5

More than just an e-shop

Our primary impetus for expanding our services was to open our e-shop, which we wanted to do a little differently than most of our competitors. We didn’t just want to be another trader in a whole bunch of others, who just "fill the e-shop" with goods, add one photo and a price. We always wanted mainly to inform the beekeepers. That's why with all our products, you won’t just find detailed descriptions of the goods but also detailed photos. Where it's possible, we also try to provide videos so you can explore the device in all its beauty and especially at work. At the same time, we try to test all of our products so that we can advise you on your selection and offer our own experience. After your great feedback, for which we are very grateful, we have established ourselves in our work and we’re trying to develop even further.

European-wide sales

Our goods are known to beekeepers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. In 2017, we expanded our services and sales to all European Union countries. So our customers have the option to buy beekeeping equipment from home in 28 countries. Customers can shop in our e-shop in 6 world languages. Our shipping centre sends consignments daily to all countries, with the shipping period within 4 days from the shipment. You pay for the goods in your national currency, you will receive an invoice in your language.

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With love for bees

The families of both founders of our company has been beekeeping for years and we are also actively trying to beekeeper. Our beekeeping farm includes approximately 150 tribal beehives, whereby, each season we create dozens of strong separations that travel to you, our beekeeping friends. Due to the lack of time, we had to limit the original plan, which counted up to 300 hives. Our apiaries are scattered in the picturesque landscape of Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise) - in the Czech Republic, where we produce honey of the highest quality. Our bees are mainly our hobby and love, so we don’t produce honey on a commercial level, perhaps just for the people we know and neighbours, who always enjoy our fresh honey.