A complete product range of beekeeping equipment in one place. Welcome to one of the largest beekeeping e-shop offering everything for successful beekeeping. We are the first e-shop with a range of services throughout the European Union. We aim to promote beekeeping and bee products not just with beekeepers but also among the public. Our company has been active in the beekeeping supplies market for more than a decade, we are a stable supplier offering a wide range of beekeeping equipment of a traditional kind as well as news from the world of beekeeping.

Our online beekeeping equipment doesn’t only offer equipment but also a number of bee products for the general public, who are then able learn about and try bee products. For the beekeeping enlightenment, we've also prepared an informational section on the website and for those of you who are beekeeping beginners, we have long and full detailed descriptions of all beekeeping equipment.

BEEKEEPING EQUIPMENT FOR All European beekeepers

The activity of beekeepers is a very rewarding hobby, which brings a lot of pleasure. Beekeeping is not just about trying to produce honey in hives but also and above all, it’s about improving the environment we live in. As beekeepers we contribute to the restoration of the environment, pollination of plants and agricultural crops.


We strive to have all the necessary beekeeping equipment in constant supply for you. We are still expanding our range of beekeeping equipment, which now includes everything needed for beekeeping, we offer beehives, honey extractors, protective supplies, accessories for hives, frames, beekeeping literature, everything for breeding mothers and many other products. We strive to have all beekeeping equipment and bee products in stock and dispatch it in the most up-to-date terms.

We offer wholesale for our partners, currently delivering to more than 150 stores throughout the European Union (most of them in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and England).


You can’t get honey without a honey extractor, at least not pure honey of good quality. Therefore, a honey extractor becomes an important tool for every beekeeper, but it’s also one of the most expensive devices. However, if you choose the correct and well-fitting honey extractor, the cost may decrease as you will know which one to choose so it isn’t unnecessarily too powerful and therefore expensive. We understand that beekeeping equipment and beekeeping accessories cost a certain amount of capital, so it’s advisable to point out that it’s possible to obtain financial subsidies not only for a honey extractor but also for innovation and improvement of beekeeping.


Our bee e-shop as well as our stone beekeeping shop offer you the widest range of beekeeping equipment in the Czech Republic. Our company is a pioneer for new technologies, we offer both traditional beekeeping equipment as well as news from the beekeeping world, which thanks to ourselves can be also tried by Czech beekeepers. We are currently focusing on expanding the range of professional equipment for larger beekeepers, beekeeping farms and operation premises. We offer and distribute products from most Czech companies in the profession and the world's leading beekeeping equipment manufacturers.


Our company also feels the need to support beekeeping not only in the Czech Republic but around the world. In addition to our business activities, we also offer a consultancy for our customers, where we can advise our customers how to choose goods and help with subsidies. We support and sponsor a wide range of beekeeping activities, from beekeeping exhibitions to beekeeping youth courses. We support a number of international projects that enhance awareness of beekeeping and bee products. At the same time, we contribute to it through the operation of information portals, we participate in various thematic exhibitions and beekeeping days. If you perform similar activities, please, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you.

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