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Honey refractometer Catania plus

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The Catania - D Refractometer is suitable for determining the water content of honey. Measures icucernity. Honey must be clear and liquid for measurement.

Scale range 12.0 to 30.0%, Minimum scale 0.1%, contains a temperature compensation scale; Dimensions are 4 cm x 4 cm x 17 cm.

Refractometer Instruction:
When using the device, you must keep the device in the horizontal position. Raise the transparent lid and place the honey on the glass prism so that it is covered with honey. Do not forget to mix the honey container before removing the sample. The value will not be wrong. When using honey, do not use sharp objects to prune or scratch. Then lower the lid and measure the value.

Measure the value:
Keep the refractometer horizontally against the light (lamp or light) and turn the knob so that you have an overview of the scale. You can easily measure the values ​​where the line intersects the scale between the dark and light parts in the field of view. Then clean the prism, clean the prism lid with lukewarm water. Remedies of honey could damage the appliance.

Do not forget that the refractometer is an optical device and you have to be careful about it. Avoid sudden changes, humidity at the storage site, aggressive environment where you store your device. Avoid falling off the refractometer. Units: middle scale: Brix%, right scale: water%.


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Honey refractometer Catania plusHoney refractometer Catania plus
47,39 €

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