Foil under hive roof

Foil under hive roof
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Foil under hive roof
Foil under hive roof
Foil under hive roof

Quality foil under hive roof

Quality foil under hive roof. Size 515x500 mm (can be adjusted by scissors). A transparent 0.4 mm thick plastic foil foil is used to reduce water vapor loss through water vapor. It is a transparent, food, hard PVC foil. The foil can be left in the hive all year round. Its use is recommended especially in winter. But beware of excessive moisture in the hive. Excessive moisture will manifest the mold. The last few, particularly obscure frames, can then start to mold you. In spite of this danger, however, it is recommended to use or at least try out the foil films. Another advantage is the ability to monitor and monitor the current state of the colony without disturbance.

Made in Germany.


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