Bath foam with honey

Bath foam with honey
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Bath foam with honey
Bath foam with honey
Bath foam with honey
Bath foam with honey
Fragrant honey against stress

Unfortunately, we are often accustomed to solve our problems with pills. A headache? A pill. Back pain? Another pill. The real cause of problems is often hidden in our soul and psyche, though, but we often ignore this fact and do not care. To reserve 20 minutes for a relaxing bath should be a duty for everybody. Thanks to the honey component in the bubble bath you can relax beautifully, not only physically but also mentally. The bath has a relaxing effect not only on the muscles, where it helps to form more glycogen, but also on our psyche. When bathing, we slowly come to rest, we have time to sort out our thoughts and find out what really bothers us. The fresh scent of honey has a relaxing effect, the slow cracking of the foam harmonizes us, eliminates the hectic time perception and brings us back to normality. And when you come out of the bath relaxed and rested, you can tell already for the first time how beautiful and supple your skin has become. It is again because the honey which nourishes the skin and makes it more flexible. Weight: 200g.

What is glycogen?

It is an animal starch that is used by the body as an energy source, when it lacks glucose. In the human body, about 2/3 of glycogen is stored in the muscles, the rest in the liver. It is very convenient to support glycogen storage, whether you are an athlete or if you strain your brain while programming. You will have lots of energy again.

A Czech product

The family business Pleva is an exclusively Czech company without foreign capital participation. The cosmetics is produced only in the Czech Republic. Neither our cosmetics nor the raw materials we use are being tested on animals.


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