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Fuel BeeSmoke Forte 200 g

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Fuel for the bee smoker for maximum calming of the bees and suppression of varroa.

Fuel BeeSmoke Forte

Fuel BeeSmoke Forte is specially designed to stun Varroa destructor and thereby suppress varroa. The smoke from this fuel is not toxic, it does not harm the bees in any way, but it can stun the Varroa destructor, which is then released to a greater extent by the bees and falls to the bottom of the hive. Attention, the smoke will not kill the Varroa destructor, therefore it is advisable to clean the bottoms of the hive after using this fuel and dispose of the Varroa destructor.

The fuel is made from purely natural substances (mainly wood) and is enriched with natural essential oils. Thanks to this, it significantly calms the bees, facilitates and speeds up many biotechnological operations, prevents theft between two or more colonies.

200g pack is useable for 6 hours.


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Fuel BeeSmoke Forte 200 gFuel BeeSmoke Forte 200 g
5,43 €

Availability: in stock