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Steam generator 2 kW

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It is ment to produce dry steam in wax melters or similar tanks for melting.

Steam generator

It is ment to produce dry steam in wax melters or similar tanks for melting.

Steam generator for easy melting of the wax at 220 to 240 V / 50 Hz / 1800 to 1950 W. The steam generator generates steam, which draws wax from the work. Wax can be wiped out both from the frame and the wicker as well as in the solar flux. So you do not work with by carving the land.

Instructions for Using the Steam Generator: Open the screw at the water inlet point blower and pour 3 liters of water, then close and tighten the screw firmly. Fix it insert the hose into the instrument and insert the other end into the pre-drilled hole in drum steam generator. Plug the power cord of the steam generator into the socket. Wait 20 to 30 minutes until the wax comes out. Then disconnect the generator and carefully open, remove the melted frames with the workpiece and clean them with heat. four and half a liter of water is heated in the developer for about 10 minutes. This time can be shortened using hot water. This amount of water is sufficient in the developer for about 70 minutes. We recommend using distilled water to prevent storing.

Important Developer Note: When filling and emptying water from the device must be switched off from the electricity. Because of the danger burning with hot steam is always necessary 2 minutes before opening the upper screw wait. The appliance automatically shuts down when it is deficient. If this happens, immediately add cold water and the device automatically switches on again. Complete evaporation of water from the generator should be prevented and eliminated eg by use switching clock.

In our offer you will find this steam generator in combination with various containers. For other variants of the wax reel, the container is made of plastic or stainless steel, the steam generator is out of the container and the steam is fed into the container by the tube. Use steam generator is universal , the generator can be used even for sterilizing with hot steam and wherever hot steam is needed.


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Steam generator 2 kWSteam generator 2 kW
46,70 €

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