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Mellarius OptiLine D40 electric 2 frame honey extractor with container


SKU: M411
A tangential honey extractor for two frames with electric 230V engine. The width of the basket is 34 cm, so the honey extractor is suitable for most frames. The honey extractor is made of stainless steel sheets, meeting the certificates for contact with food.

Mellarius OptiLine D40 electric 2 frame honey extractor with container

A good stainless steel honey extractor for all "beginner beekeepers" who would like to have their own honey extractor but do not want to spend a lot of money on it. The Honey Extractor is all made of stainless steel, designed for two frames up to a maximum size of 34x48 cm. Simple crank with gear facilitates spin. The diameter is only 40 cm and the height of the honey extractor is 58 cm.

Honey extractors have a full 2 year warranty. We offer our customers complete warranty and post-warranty service. We arrange replacement and supply of spare parts. Honey extractors have a European certificate of quality and safety certificate CE.

Proven drive with the possibility of changing the speed

MaxiLine honey extractors are equipped with a reliable electric motor with a sufficient power of 110 W. These motors are equipped with their own fan for better cooling. The motor includes a robust manual system of continuous speed adjustment. The transmission of motor power to the honey extractor basket is ensured by a mechanical gearbox for an optimal range of extraction speeds.

The motor allows you to change the speed and thus change the direction of rotation of the entire basket, which increases the comfort of extracting. Bees tend to build cells at a slight incline (4° to 5°) upwards - so that the stored honey does not flow out of them, in addition, the honey stored in this way ensures a certain stability of the honeycomb. This is a disadvantage for bee-keepers, because when the honeycomb is placed in the honey extractor, the cells point in one direction, and if this direction is against the direction of rotation, then the honey flows out poorly and some honey may remain in the honeycombs. Therefore, it is an advantage to have a honey extractor with the possibility of double-sided extracting.

This honey extractor is suitable for spinning most of the frames used. No problem at it's spin frames Langstroth, Optimal, Dadant, Zander, Germany normal, and more.


  • Maximal frame size: 34x48 cm
  • Basket type: with shaft
  • Total height: 100 cm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Container height: 50 cm
  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Power: manual with break


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Mellarius OptiLine D40 electric 2 frame honey extractor with containerMellarius OptiLine D40 electric 2 frame honey extractor with container