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Mellarius MiniLine D52 manual 3 frame honey extractor with legs


SKU: M120

A tangential honey extractor for two frames with manual drive. The width of the basket is 34 cm, so the honey extractor is suitable for most frames. The honey extractor is made of stainless steel sheets, meeting the certificates for contact with food.

About Mellarius MiniLine honey extractors

Cheap but great solution for every small beekeeper, that are our honey MiniLine honey extractors. The Mellarius MiniLine honey extractor is a guarantee of high quality and long life. These honey extractors are made of thicker stainless steel sheets (0.8 to 1 mm) and are equipped with solid legs that increase the stability of the extractor. Each Mellarius Peritus honey extractor is equipped with an inclined bottom, thanks to which the honey flows comfortably to the tap. Thus, there is no need to tilt or further manipulate them in any way. We offer a wide range of manual and electric honey extractors in either tangential or radial design.

Technical parameters:

  • Max size of frame: 34x48 cm

  • Basket type: with shaft

  • Total height: 88 cm

  • Height of edge of container: 80 cm

  • Honey gate height from the ground: 30 cm

  • Container diameter: 52 cm

  • Break: no

  • Freewheel: no

Modern design

Mellarius MiniLine honey extractors have a modern design, with the possibility of dismantling the legs. The drum of the honey extractor is made of high-quality stainless steel designed for food purposes with sufficient thickness (0.8 to 1 mm) so that unwanted dents cannot easily occur. The entire structure of the honey extractor is manufactured using plasma welding. Emphasis is placed on smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.

At our request, the honey extractors’ baskets are made with a denser mesh of stainless steel wires, thanks to which the weight of the honeycomb during extracting is distributed over a larger area and thus the wires do not cut into the honeycomb. Round bars that are torsion-resistant are used to make the baskets. Round surfaces without sharp edges are also easier to clean.

The system of legs, which are arranged on the honey extractor and attached to it so that the entire honey extractor achieves maximum stability, is also innovative. The legs are made of solid material and with their own weight contribute to stability when extracting honey. Thanks to the simple but firm attachment, the legs can be easily removed, which makes the entire honey extractor much more compact and you can safely store it for future use.

Easy disassembly

The drive system is always located at the top of the honey extractor, which provides easy maintenance. Thanks to this solution, the honey extractor basket is freely placed on the ball bearing in the lower part. The drive is placed on a clamping bar, which also has wide hinges for plexiglass covers. The clamping bar with the drive is massive enough, again made of polished stainless steel material for easy maintenance. After removing the upper bar with the drive, which is fastened with two star screws, the whole drive can be easily removed. You can also easily remove the entire honey extractor basket and you can easily clean the entire extractor and the basket separately.


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Mellarius MiniLine D52 manual 3 frame honey extractor with legsMellarius MiniLine D52 manual 3 frame honey extractor with legs