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Honey container Mellarius ProLine 50 kg with sealing lid

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Stainless steel container Mellarius ProLine for honey with sealing lid.

Honey container Mellarius ProLine 25 kg with sealing lid

Mellarius honey decanters of the ProLine series are made of food-grade stainless steel 304 with a sheet thickness of 0.8 mm. The fold is with hooks secured so that it does not fall when handling the container. The claim is principled as a sealing lid, the lid includes a silicone seal.

We also produce suitable stainless steel sieves for containers that fit exactly on the containers. We offer them in three roughnesses (rough, fine, ultra fine), which can be worn on top of each other arbitrarily arranged. A set of coarse and fine sieves can thus be obtained. You can also use a container equip it with a conical sieve, thanks to which you can operate it as a clarifying container. We also offer suitable stainless steel stands for honey containers, thanks to which it is under the container enough space.

We produce a wide range of container sizes, we offer this container model in the variant:

  • 25 kg
  • 35 kg
  • 50 kg

Size: height 55 cm, diameter 30,5 cm.


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Honey container Mellarius ProLine 50 kg with sealing lidHoney container Mellarius ProLine 50 kg with sealing lid
65,17 €

Availability: in stock