Flower pollen PLEVA 95g

Flower pollen PLEVA 95g
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Flower pollen PLEVA 95g
Flower pollen PLEVA 95g
Flower pollen PLEVA 95g
Flower pollen PLEVA 95g

Flower pollen is a product of bee colonies and it is a pollen.
Honey delivers grape sugar, fruit, enzymes and minerals, pollen provides plenty of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Without pollen, bees can not live. Flower pollen contains: proteins, free amino acids, nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins, sugars, fats, organic acids, enzymes, essential oils, unsaturated fatty acids,

Flower pollen supports the body to quickly restore mental and physical strength, especially in convalescence after exhaustive diseases and after surgery. Good results are achieved in prostate hypertrophy (stuttering), stomach ulcers and digestion, skin rejuvenation and nails, strengthening and elasticity of the bones, acne, high blood pressure, liver detoxification, osteoporosis problems, fatigue syndrome, digestion, appetite , anemia, male sperm nutrition, infertility, impotence and decreased sexual activity. Women also have a noticeable effect on menopause problems.

Notice! In the case of allergies, caution should be exercised in sensitive persons for possible allergies, and in such a situation the procedure must be limited or eliminated for a few days, the knowledge is also such that one can feel a loss of strength for several days - the body is starting to regenerate and get rid of harmful substances .

Fermented pollen is more palatable: mix about 40 ml of boiled water with 25 g of honey and add 100 g pollen. Mix well, pour into jars and let stand for three days at room temperature. Do not cover the jars. It is easy to see how the symbiosis in the hive works and how amazingly diverse is the life of bees. Bees rely in their lives very much on pollen, which provides food for the whole community.

The bees use pollen among others for the production of royal jelly in order to feed their larvae.

How do we use pollen when manufacturing our products? Exactly in the same way. Our delicious honey contains about 5 % of pollen, but we also offer two types of 100% pollen: Fresh pollen – collected immediately after the bees have returned to the hive. Perga pollen has already been processed by the bees and is thus more digestible. This pollen is more difficult to obtain and therefore more expensive. There are some limitations: Perga pollen should not be used during the first 3 months of pregnancy and by people with renal disease or in cancer treatment.


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