After shave water with propolis

After shave water with propolis
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After shave water with propolis
After shave water with propolis
After shave water with propolis
After shave water with propolis
For managers and mountaineers

All skin types become irritated from shaving, especially the upper layer of the skin. Even with a healthy and smooth skin the razor blade cuts not only the beard, but also the uneven places on the skin and destroys thus its wholeness. Minor injuries incur as well as scabs and pimples. To limit such phenomena, you should always use a very sharp razor blade, avoid cutting the beard repeatedly at a same place and apply an aftershave of good quality afterwards.

Propolis as a defense

Only a high quality aftershave is able to soothe the skin after shaving and to prevent a possible inflammation. Any injuries should not be only disinfected, but also healed, and that's why we used an effective ingredient, propolis. If you want to look healthy, this aftershave is just right for you. Try it and you will see it yourself ;-)

A Czech product

The family business Pleva is an exclusively Czech company without foreign capital participation. The cosmetics is produced only in the Czech Republic. Neither our cosmetics nor the raw materials we use are being tested on animals.


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