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25 kg honey tank Mellarius MiniLine with nylon gate

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Swiss Biene stainless steel container for 25 kg honey with plastic honey gate and stainless steel lid. Quality stainless steel container with a volume of 25 kilograms of honey. The container is made of food grade stainless steel.

25 kg honey tank Mellarius MiniLine with nylon gate

The basic offer of tanks, which, like the others, are made of high-quality stainless steel sheets. These tanks include a simple stainless steel lid and stainlees steel or nylon tap that can be easily unscrewed for easy cleaning.

about Mellarius honey tanks

Mellarius honey tanks in several variants. They are made of high-quality stainless steel designed for food purposes with sufficient thickness (0.8 to 1 mm) so that unwanted dents cannot easily occur. All parts of the tanks are well welded using plasma welding. The design emphasizes smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, so the tanks are made of polished stainless steel sheets. All our tanks are equipped with stainless steel handles for easy carrying.

We also produce suitable stainless steel sieves for the tanks, which fit exactly on the tanks. We offer them in three levels of coarseness (coarse, fine, ultra-fine), which can be arranged in any order. It is thus possible to obtain a coarse and fine sieve assembly. We also offer suitable stainless steel stands for honey tanks, thanks to which there is enough space under the tank. The tanks can also be equipped with precision drain valves, which are mounted directly on the stainless steel tap.

We produce a wide range of tank sizes that can hold 25 kg to 500 kg of honey. The tanks are manufactured in the following sizes:

  • 25 kg

  • 35 kg

  • 50 kg

  • 100 kg

  • 200 kg

  • 300 kg

  • 400 kg

  • 500 kg

Size: height 33 cm, diameter 30 cm. Product from official German distribution.


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25 kg honey tank Mellarius MiniLine with nylon gate25 kg honey tank Mellarius MiniLine with nylon gate
69,09 €

Availability: in stock