APIVITAL feed -15kg

APIVITAL feed -15kg
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APIVITAL feed -15kg
APIVITAL feed -15kg
APIVITAL feed -15kg
APIVITAL feed -15kg
APIVITAL feed -15kg
APIVITAL feed -15kg


Perfect for feeding your bees during the winter months! Simply place an adequate size block on top of your crown board. As far as our APIVITAL sugar batter is concerned, the best is your personal experience. On we feed our invert beehives and we feel happy. We recommend dough APIVITAL to test everyone. On request, we can provide references to farms that use inverts.

Dough composition APIVITAL is: Saturated sugar from very fine sucrose microcrystals that are about 1 / 100mm large. These crystals are vital a syrup that prevents crystals from collapsing. Feeding dough is excellent especially to replenish the stock after winter, when it is not fed with the solution. Feed Dough Fills can be used to stimulate the laying of the mother in the spring and spring. Dump the dough a place it ideally on the upper meadow beneath the lid. Dough does not flow through the hive. Dosage by needs.

Can be used in addition keys. Very good to incite the odd and can use it for a winter visit for one visit.

APIVITAL® dough, you will use it mainly to replenish the stock in the early morning (incitement), in the creation of the detentions, for feeding in an idle period, at early winter feeding. For all this is the ideal Apivital dough is all this ideal.

Just load and serve.

Made in Czech republic.

Package content is 6x2.5 kg


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